Get Ready for travel to Ireland in May 2022!!

The overall mission of this group is to provide opportunities to engage students and faculty from all the participating community colleges in joint global activities, which will include those sponsored by individual institutions and those sponsored by the consortium of community colleges identified below.

Get Ready for travel to the United Kingdom in the Summer 2022!!

Agriculture from a global perspective: experience livestock and crop markets from an international view. Invaluable industry experience awaits you in the United Kingdom.  

Led by Instructor Brandon Keller

Get Ready for travel to Japan in June 2022!!

From the hustle of Tokyo to the serene gardens of Nikko, with its temples and shrines, earn college credit while you immerse yourself in the culture of Japan.


Learn about the history, geography, theatre, and more in Intercultural Studies of Japan (spring 2022), then bring those lessons to life through a 12-day travel experience!  Consider the decisions made at Hiroshima, celebrate with locals at the Rice Harvest Festival, and explore 500 years of history at the largest and most visited castle in Japan. 

Our Mission:  “To provide opportunities for students and faculty from all the participating community colleges to engage in joint global activities.”

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